Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of Parsian Online Shopping Service Book:

Definition of customer or user:

The customer or user is told to register with the user's information contained in the registration form, to register the order or use any of the services of the Parsian Publications Online Store.

General rules:

Dear user, please carefully consider the following for the correct and correct use of the Parsian Publications Online Bookstore service.

Note All Principles and Procedures of the Web Site of Parsian Publications Corresponding to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the law of e-commerce and consumer protection law, and subsequently the user is also bound to observe user-related rules.

Login to the website of the Parsian Publications Online Book and order registration at any time means the complete acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Parsian Publications Online Store by the user. The contents of this page are subject to change at any time, and this right is reserved for the "store". The Internet of the Parsian Publications "has been preserved, without prior notice and coordination, to modify, modify or modify the contents of this page. Users are required to periodically visit this page to be aware of possible changes to the rules. Also, the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" will post news updates every time it updates the news on this page. It should be noted that the terms and conditions set forth above replace each of the preceding agreements.

1- Users must fill in the form with correct and complete information when registering and ordering their goods. In the event of incomplete or inaccurate data entry, the order of the user can not be tracked and delivered, and the responsibility for the subsequent consequences will be borne by the users themselves.

2. You trust the Parsian Publications that you will not use this website to reach any purpose that is contrary to the terms of use of the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store". You will not use the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" in such a way as to cause damage, disabling or defective website. You are also not permitted to attempt to access information, content or inputs that are intentionally not available or not provided on pages of the site.

3- The "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" may contain links to other websites. These websites may not be under the control of the Parsian Publications Corp. and Parsian Publications are not responsible for the contents of these websites, including the links contained on these websites. "The Parsian Publications Online Book" These links provide for your convenience and the existence of any of these links does not mean endorsement or any kind of communication with the administrators of other websites. Web sites that link to the "Parsian Book Publishing Online" pages may be handled by people outside the Corp publishing house, so the Parsian Book Publishing Online Store can not guarantee them. You agree to be liable for any damage and damage to your computer through the virus or other malicious files that may result from the receipt and use of data and files belonging to the linked websites in the Online Publishing Web Store Parsian Book "will be your own.

4. The "Parsian Online Bookstore" does not accept any liability for the deletion of its website pages or dead links. Web services are provided "as is", and the "Online Bookstore of Parsian Book" is under no circumstances liable for website latency or failure to operate due to Internet problems, manpower, natural factors, hardware failure, telecommunication And so on.

5. The Corp. Parsian Online Store provides the "Relevance, ease, accuracy, information, software, products, services, and graphics available" as it stands. "The Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" Under no circumstances may the potential damages For which there is no reason to lose access or information to the use of the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" or to delay or inability to use its website or its services.

6. The "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" may have public-service partnerships known as community services, such as the chat room, bulletin boards, forum, critique, newsgroups, friends' networks and other services that are designed to facilitate Your relationship with others (whether at a public or private scale, such as a private network of friends) is provided. You agree to use these mass-media services only to record, send and receive messages that are appropriate and relevant to that particular service and not to the disassembly or misuse of the contents of the "Online Bookstore of the Parsian Book of Books".

Privacy Policy:

"Parsian Publications Online Bookstore" respects and protects the privacy of individuals using site services.

The "Parsian Book Publishing Corp." is committed to protecting your privacy as much as possible, and in this regard, develops the technology needed to make your site more secure and safer. In fact, using the "Parsian Book Publishing Online" site, you are showing your satisfaction with this policy.

All material available through any of the "Parsian Book Publishing Online" services, such as logos, trademarks, text, descriptions, graphics, logos, images and copies, data and all content produced by Parsian Publications Parsian Books From the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" and the right to use and publish all available and available materials in the Monopoly of the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store", and any use without written permission is subject to prosecution for the Rajah Online Store. He takes

Registration, processing and ordering:

Working days are from Saturday to Thursday each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran, and all orders are processed during the working days and the first day after the holidays.

"Parsian Publishing Corp. Bookstore" allows its customers to register 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm working days, it is possible to answer and track and send orders.

All orders registered in the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" are placed in the queue by sending the order code via SMS and pre-invoice. The "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" is always on the delivery and delivery of all Orders that are registered will ultimately result in accuracy and effort. However, if the inventory of the product is completed in the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store", even after the customer's order has been made, the right to cancel the order or refund the order for "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" is reserved. Or the customer can replace the product instead of the finished product.

"Parsian Publishing Corp. Books Online" is authorized to stop its sale without notice of a new stop order, and all registered orders will be processed and sent before the order is stopped. The right to sell all or part of the products for any reason, such as the completion of inventory without prior notice, is reserved for the "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store".

Seller and Buyer Obligations

Seller = "Parsian Book Publishing Online Store" at www.parsianpub.com

Buyer = the person or legal entity submitting the order form of purchase

1. The vendor undertakes to take care of the personal and personal information of the buyer in terms of the ability and power to disclose this information in a completely confidential manner, and shall not grant any person or legal person other than through official and legal authority.

2. The seller must provide the buyer with accurate and complete information about the goods.

3. The seller is obligated to send the correct and perfect goods in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified for the buyer. If the goods are shipped using the country's postal network, Parsian Publications is not responsible for any damage to the product due to incorrect posting by the post office of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the service provider.

4. The seller is obliged to prepare the goods and receive the appropriate packaging in order to receive the order and order confirmation in the shortest possible time. In case of posting by postal services, any disruptions and delays after delivery to the post or other shipping service providers are the responsibility of the company during the posting operation.

5. If the goods are delivered by courier and in other places by courier by courier and elsewhere, in case of defective domestic product content, the seller is obliged to coordinate with his discretion in the shortest possible time. Take time with the buyer.

6 - The seller can cancel the order and refuse to send the order for any reason. Obviously, if needed, the next coordination should be done by the seller and the buyer.

7 - The buyer is obliged to provide the seller with accurate and complete information for the receipt of the order by mail.

8 - The buyer is obligated to obtain the necessary information about the goods through the seller's website before sending the order and purchase of each item and then send his order.

9 - The buyer can not request a cancellation after confirming the purchase order from the seller and in the "paid", "under review" and "sent" conditions.

10 - The buyer is obligated to completely check the receipt of the goods from the post or courier, and if the damage is discovered, it will refuse to accept it. The seller does not assume responsibility for the fracture or defect of the appearance and packaging of the goods after receipt of the goods by the buyer.

11 - The buyer is obliged to visit the post or courier at the place specified in the order form to receive the goods and, in the absence of the location, during the period specified in the postal notice of the post office to the postal office of his address and direction Receive goods. Obviously, in the absence of the buyer at the place declared at the time of ordering and returning the product, the responsibility and remittance cost will be with the buyer.