Parsian Publishing Co., the publisher of the 30th International Book Fair

Parsian Publishing Co., the publisher of the 30th International Book Fair

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Selected publishers were introduced to the 30th International Book Fair of Tehran: in the foreign-language publisher's section, the Parsian Book of Books was published exclusively for the diverse books of international publishers such as ELSEVIER, JAYPEE, and LWW.

Publishers chosen 30th International Book Fair Thranmrfy were at the publishers foreign publications Corp book's unconditional because of a variety of books from different publishers internationally as ELSEVIER, JAYPEE, LWW exclusively and Drghalb plan special discounts, as well as booths Appropriate choices were made. The ceremony Hzvrvzyr of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mr. Salehi Amiri, Abbas Salehi, Vice Frhngyvzyr Culture, Amir Masoud SHAHRAMNIA Director of Exhibitions Frhngyayran guests and ambassadors of foreign countries was held in which representatives of different sectors of the Azqrar the Npmy is:

A. Private Publishers of the Private Sector of Tehran:

Among the candidates in the field of publishing, Majd, Tymvrzadh, look, happiness, spring, cyan, Ambassador Ardehal, Welovemazda statues and Danzhh, as the publisher of 95 publications Myzanbh is introduced.

B-Publishers of the private sector of the city:

C-Private Adult Publishers:

Deserve to be honored.

De-publishers of children and teenagers in the private sector of Tehran:

Among the candidates in this field, including the publication Ghadiani, in pen, horizon, golden and orange, Ghadiani publications as Publisher of the Year 95 is introduced. The honorary judges of the city of Qalam and Horq are worthy of appreciation.

Private children and teenagers Private city:

Among the publishers of this field, including the publication of Jamal, Shrq and Shaheh, the themes of Jamal and Shagh are jointly introduced as the 95th edition publisher.

And-private publishers and children:

Jury according to Clause 6 of Article 4 election procedures Publisher Nmvnhsal, publishers fledgling below, which has the best performance in terms of quality of work, Antkhabmvzv, publishing valuable books, original and innovative, professional activities affecting one or more specified, fit the needs of And Farhanni society, as the publisher, has been introduced to the lateral sector.

1- Shahid Kazemi Publishing

2. Publication of the booklet of Marefat

3. Publication of suspense

H-Private Editor:

Parsian Publishing House

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