About Us

Parsian Publication is one of the most important and leading publications in the realm of releasing and providing a vast variety of books mainly in Medical Courses. Taking advantage of a group of experts as our staff, we also do our utmost to provide the medicine students, physicians, hospitals, clinics and experts in medical fields with the original and first hand books and sources. To do so, we hold different face to face meetings with our target groups and clients at their universities, colleges, offices and hospitals to introduce them our potentials and hand in them our books. Taking part in different Domestic and International Book Fairs, Conferences and Congresses held nationwide is among other activities we follow up constantly and seriously. No wonder, in order to keep up with the latest sources, one should be in close contact with his/her counterparts worldwide and this is the point we keep in mind and do correspondence with other prominent and reputable publications around the world.

Our office and bookstore are located in downtown Tehran, exactly across from Tehran University in Enghelab Street, where is very famous, for it is the heart of all bookstores and publications and book business district and proudly declare to have the biggest medical book database which would be of great use for all students of medicine and other medical professions.